‘Marriage can wait’


Amisha Patel, the rising star of Bollywood says she is in love, but marriage can wait. Patel, who has been in the news more for her affair with film director Vikram Bhatt than her acting skills, told a leading Indian daily she was in no hurry to tie the knot with him. Patel is currently busy acting in Bhatt’s new film, Ankahi (Unspoken), where she plays the lead role. “Vikram has been with me through thick and thin,” Patel was quoted as saying. “I am open enough to admit that I am seeing Vikram.” But there are no immediate plans to get married. “I will marry eventually. But there’s still time for it because I am busy with my films,”

Patel said. Patel, who made an entry into Hindi films with the super hit Kaho Naa Pyar Hai (Tell Me It’s Love) in 2000, has acted in several Bollywood box office hits, including Gadar (Uprising) with action hero, Sunny Deol.