‘The Blue’ has a happy future

Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, April 5:

Music.com organised a press chat with Nabin K Bhattarai about his latest album ‘The Blue’ at Tian Rui, Thapathali today. Besides people from the press, Sugam Pokhrael, ex-GP member Pranil, Anil Singh and Dinesh DC also attended. Nabin shared that he had named the album ‘The Blue’ because of the many sad songs in it. “To go ahead there should be something different always. I have tried to do something new in this album and I hope people like it. But I also need a continuous support of people to make my endeavour a success.”

On the occasion, the music video of “Sajh Dhaldaicha” and “Chaina Juna” were also shown. In fact “Sajh Dhaldaicha” is written and composed by “Engine Gadima” singer Anil Singh.

Music.com proprietor Rajesh Bansal shared that ‘The Blue’ is doing good in the market. “It is better than his previous album ‘Nabin’. There were some media persons who had given the wrong impression that ‘The Blue’ was not doing good business but that was a false remark.”