‘Think out of the box’

Why did you choose this career?

This is a creative profession and before joining this profession I was an artist so this profession was apposite for me. An artist gets involved more with oneself but an architect gets involved with the society he lives in. In this profession one should be able to deal with people from various levels — from a client to a bricklayer. This is one profession where you get to see what you imagine.

What are your strengths as a professional?

It is to think out of the box to any given problem. My strength is that I look at a problem with a little more depth.

What are you career goals?

To find a deeper meaning of being an architect in Nepal (laughs)... well, to make an impact in society by doing some interesting projects like Bakery Café, Dharahara. This place was nothing before and very few people visited it but now it has become a family hangout. I look forward to more such interesting projects in future.

Word of advice to young aspirants...

Well, it is not an easy profession but once engaged, there is a satisfaction which is not found in any other profession.

What, in your opinion, makes a good architect?

A combination of many skills is required. It is not enough to be able to draw or talk to the client but it requires a lot of awareness and research on the profession.