Affleck in Sudan for reality check

LONDON: Actor Ben Affleck was concerned that his opinion on the war in Sudan based on news reports would not be enough for him to seek humanitarian aid for the country so he decided to go there to get a closer look at the problems.

Affleck returned from Sudan after adopting the refugee problem and ongoing war in the region as a new cause. However, UN officials advised him to cancel his trip to the war zone, telling him he would be putting his life at risk, reports Affleck said, “I got really interested in southern Sudan for a number of reasons. I think it’s a fascinating place going through some really hard times. I wanted to really feel like I understood the place and learn as much as I could about it before I got into trying to be an advocate and kind of running

my mouth about it. I got into doing some learning, talking to experts, travelling there.” Affleck was deeply affected by what he saw. He said, “It was terrible. I’ve never seen anything like it.”