Akki’s generous gesture

MUMBAI: This is a story that Akshay Kumar really doesn’t want to be told. But in times when cameras arrive at the place of charity before the star’s charitable act, the star’s quiet act of generosity is somewhat touching.

A few days after the release of Blue, the film’s director who openly hero-worships Akshay Kumar, was travelling with the star when suddenly Akshay stopped the car, pulled out a wads of thick currency notes and gently handed it over to Tony who was understandably stunned.”This is for all the spot boys in Blue. Please divide it among them as a Diwali bonus. Blue couldn’t have happened without them,” Akshay told Tony.

Says the director, “It was 2.5 lakh rupees and I quietly distributed it among the 18 spotboys of Blue. I kept quiet about it because Akshay asked me to. But now when you ask about it, I’ve to admit such largesse is rare in our film industry.”

Says Tony, “You’ve to look at it from the point of view of the spot boys who are the most neglected breed in Bollywood. No one looks their way let alone reward their hard work. You had to see the glint in their eyes when they received Akshay’s gift. I’ve now become a bigger fan of Akshay Kumar.”

Akshay now intends to hold a special screening of Blue for all the family and friends of the spot boys.