NEW DELHI: Bollywood star Akshay Kumar has a secret hobby of collecting posters of old Bollywood movies and actors and his fans will get to see his collection in a scene in his forthcoming movie Action Replayy.
“Akshay has been collecting these posters for years and has built himself a sizeable collection,” said a source close to the actor. In Action Replayy, Kumar plays a coffee house owner and when the set was being planned, director Vipul Shah mentioned that he wanted it to be a Bollywood themed cafe.
While the crew searched for suitable posters in the market, they managed only a few cheesy ones. That’s when Kumar came to their rescue. “Yes, it’s true that I have lent some posters to Vipul because for the longest time, they couldn’t source original ones,” said Kumar.
Shah said, “We were not getting good posters and the problem kept cropping up in production meetings. We had absolutely no clue that Akshay had such a collection. It was a pleasant surprise.”