All eyes on Idol concert


All music lovers are waiting with much enthusiasm to see the Indian Idol 4 winner Sourabhee and the two runners up Kapil and Torsha perform live in Nepal. The enthusiasm is equally shared by the artistes as they talk about their expectations and excitement about the up-coming concert, which is their first live concert post Indian Idol 4 grand finale.

What was your reaction when you got to know that your first ever-public concert would be in Nepal post the grand finale?

Sourabhee: It was like WOW! Is this true? We had somehow got a “wind” prior to the finale too, that there was a show coming up in Nepal, but once we were officially informed I was really excited.

Kapil: I could not believe it that we were already booked for a show in Nepal! After all this would be the best way for me to thank all my fans for really supporting me throughout the contest.

Torsha: A concert so soon post the finale? That too in Nepal? Well what more could one ask for?

Since this will be your first concert post the finale — what is your expectation from Nepal?

Sourabhee: To be honest, even during the contest when we got the opportunity to meet the contestants of Indian Idol 3, they shared their experience of their shows in Nepal last year. So, we were simply hoping that we would get a chance to go to Nepal.

Kapil: As Sourabhee just said, the contestants of Indian Idol 3 told us about how supportive people were. I was also told that people of Nepal loved music a lot. Of course, as I am of Nepali origin, I am simply looking forward to visit Nepal and to perform in front of a live audience. .

Torsha: The Nepali audience love us for who we are and love our songs. We will give our best performance and we hope that the audience will appreciate it.

Any special preparations?

Sourabhee: Well, since my strength is pop/rock type of music - I would love to do fast popular tracks.

Kapil: Same here but I will also sing some soft romantic songs.

Torsha: Well each of us have our strengths — but I will try to sing at least one Nepali song. I hope to learn it in time!

Do you know that you will be performing along with a Nepali pop star — Kranti Ale? How do you feel?

Sourabhee: Although, I must confess that I have not heard of him, but I am definitely looking forward to the opportunity. It is so sweet of him to have agreed to perform along with us and we really respect him for that. I look forward to meeting him.

Kapil: What can I say? We get to perform on the same stage as Kranti Ale, it is a dream come true for all of us. After all, we can get to learn so much from him and his experiences. I have heard his song Chyangba Hoi Chyangba and it is a really catchy number. I am looking forward to meeting him personally and hope to learn a lot from this experience.

Torsha: When we were at Sony office and were shown the advertisement of our forthcoming show in Nepal, I asked who Kranti Ale was? When I was told that he was a popstar in Nepal, I was really humbled to learn that we would be performing with him. And when our Artist Head played us one of his songs - Chyagba Hoi Chyanba I simply loved the feel and beat of the song (although I did not understand the lyrics). And this is the song, I hope I will be able to perform with Kranti Ale.

Other than concerts, do you have any plans in Nepal?

Sourabhee: We know we have a very tight schedule but we hope we get some opportunity to see Kathmandu and Pokhara. I have heard how beautiful the country is and I hope I will get to see and experience at least some part of it.

Kapil: Well what can I say? It is a dream come true for me. I have no plans, but I would want to make every moment I spend there memorable.

Torsha: I am definitely looking forward to seeing Kathmandu and Pokhara. I simply love the mountains so I hope I get to see them.

Anything you would like to add?

All three of them: You have watched us and voted for us. Now we are coming to Nepal to thank you for your support. Do come and watch us perform live! — Interview conducted by DMI

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