All Jazz(ed) up

KATHMANDU: It looks like the Valley has become the ultimate musical hub for global musicians. We have not even come out of the ‘blues’ mood and we already are all set to celebrate yet another musical festival. And no one is complaining as we can’t wait for it to unfold its surprises.

Jazzmandu, presented by Upstairs Ideas, has set the bench mark for all the musical festivals with its extravagant events and an enviable lineup of international artistes since the very beginning. The sixth Jazzmandu started on October 22, and the six-day musical extravaganz will take place in various venues around town allowing every corner of the city to come alive with sound of Jazz.

Jazzmandu has always maintained that the core reason behind the festival has always been for peace, and what can express peace better than music? Artistes from around the world are here for the festival with message of peace from their part of the world.

The first day of the festival started with the participating musicians along with artists and children from the Imagine Rainbow Project coming together at Hyatt Regency to spread the message of peace and harmony through their form of art. Everyone present got together to paint two Jazzmandu peace flags with Salil Subedi of the Rainbow Project. With music already

in the festival, the painting added colour to jazz-up the whole experience. The flags were then carried all the way to Bhakatapur in the Enfielders Peace Rally done by the members of Himalayan Enfielders.

The setting for free peace jazz concert in Bhaktapur was perfect. The warm glow of setting sun, dusty surrounding and music infusing in the air made the ambience heavenly. Children stopped on their way home from school, youngsters giggled and whispered, women came with babies in their arms, and the old people wondered what was going on. Western music did make a impact in the eastern world on this afternoon.

The traditional city of the valley welcomed the Jazz concert with open arms ready for the surprises it had in store for all.

Wanny Angerer Latin Jazz Trio from Honduras were the first to perform starting the show with a prayer, and with her booming voice Wanny sang songs for peace, unity and harmony. Moving along with the beats she was successful in making the crowd move with her. Then next was a jam-up by Mark Brown Band (England), Terrence Bowry (Germany) and Cadenza (Nepal). The mixture of east and west was fabulous, the sound of saxophone and jazzy beats made the performance a favourite with the crowd as they clapped and cheered for the artistes.

The first day of Jazzmandu 2008 ended at Upstairs Jazz bar, Lazimpat where Cadenza, Terrence Bowry, Mark Brown Band and JCS trio (Nepal) performed.