Amanda Seyfried's sabotage plan

LONDON: Amanda Seyfried considered ''sabotaging'' Miley Cyrus' new movie if they both came out at the same time.

Amanda Seyfried considered "sabotaging" Miley Cyrus' new movie.

The actress - whose new movie 'Dear John' is based on the bestselling book by Nicholas Sparks - insists she isn't in competition with the singer-and-actress, who appears in 'The Last Song', based on a novel by the same author, but admits she would have considered taking action if the two films had similar release dates.

She joked: "If 'The Last Song' was coming out the same weekend as 'Dear John,' Channing and I would have to collaborate on some sort of sabotage mission."

Channing also doesn't believe the two films are direct rivals as so many of Sparks' books have been adapted into movies.

He said: "No, not anymore competition than all the rest of his movies coming out. I think all his films are very, very separate from one another with one theme: love. We're not competing for the same weekend."

Channing, 28, also said he hoped fans would love the film as much as they had other Nicholas Sparks movies, such as 2004's 'The Notebook'.

He told MTV: "Look, he's got, like, a magic wand when it comes to heartstrings. I think he's a hopeless romantic himself and he just really loves writing about it in really sexy places and really sexy ways.

"Not to be cheesy or melodramatic - everyone wants to feel loved and that their love is special, and when they read about these once-in-a-lifetime sort of relationships and loves, it's a great place to go away and escape."