Amazing space cow

I have to write a poem

But I really don’t

know how

So may be I will just

make a rhyme

With something dumb like a “cow”.

Okay, I will write about

a cow

But she is not from

common place

I will have to make her

One from outer space.

My cow will need

a helmet

And a space suit and

a ship

Of course, she will keep

a blaster

In the holster on her hip.

She will hurtle through the galaxy

On metamorphic flights

To battle monkey aliens

In huge karate fights.

She will duel with

laser sabers

While avoiding

lava sprays

To vanquish evil


And always save the day.

I hope the teacher likes my tale

About “The Amazing Space Cow”

Yes, that is the poem I will write

As I have learned to write it how.

— Sauhard Rai, DAVSKVB School