Amidst the Himalayan stillness

Could’ve been better if Thinle had been given more screen time

Though, filmmaking is still in its nascent stage in Nepal, documentary filmmaking has taken huge strides. With Caravan that made known to the world the hardships and the unusual culture of the people in unheard of lands, Nepali filmmakers are making their attempts to capture the essence of an age that still remains unchanged even after centuries.

Kiran Shrestha’s Sa Karnali through Dolpa takes you on a wonderful journey through the mighty mountains and the Himalayas for a shooting trip of a music album and attempts to capture the stillness and solitary beauty of the majestic setting.

The documentary doesn’t boast of a pedantic debate, but simply recounts how Amrit Gurung and his team went through the faraway villages of Dolpa to capture the heart of the song that was buried in the soil of Dolpa.

Rather interesting is the fact how other members of the crew are roped in in Dolpa to retain the song’s authenticity.

However, an adept cinematographer could have captured the pan-oramic magnificence on a grander scale. And it could have fared still better if Thinle (of Caravan fame) had had more screen time.