Size zero is the newest fad in Bollywood. After Kareena Kapoor, the latest slim-as-a-reed looking actress is Amrita Arora, but she doesn’t like to be labelled anorexic.

‘I hate it when Kareena and now I are called anorexic. What a terrible description. We both love our meals. Trust me, Kareena eats heartily, and so do I,’ Amrita said.

‘It is only my face. Like Kareena’s, I too have a chubby face. It’s just that for the first time in my life I’ve lost weight on my face. So has Kareena,’ she added.

Amrita, who will be seen with Kareena in Golmaal Returns, says she didn’t go to extremes to lose weight.

‘I’m doing nothing out of the way. I still go to the gym only once a day and I’m not starving myself.’

She admits Kareena has a positive influence on her. ‘Kareena is my best friend. And like all best friends she has a positive influence on me. She introduced me to power yoga and that changed my life and my physicality.’

As for size zero, Amrita sighs, ‘I’m size 6-8. Zero seems a distant dream and I don’t even want to get there, please. When people talk about me being anorexic and a size zero, I feel bad. That’s not the kind of influence I want to be on audiences.’