An enthralling Shivaratri


After a dry spell of parties in Kathmandu — expect for wedding parties — for a long time, PartyNepal got the grooves with ‘Finlandia Open Your Eyes Second Edition’ with DJ SickFreak at Latin Quarters, Baber Mahal on February 25.

As usual, the crowds slowly started to pour in after 10 pm, and despite the heavy number of wedding parties happening all over the city, it was quite amazing to see the number of people swarming this party too.

DJ Vibe started the set, and then handed it over to DJ SickFreak where he worked his way from low tempo hip-hop beats slowly moving the pace of the party with some funky house music and then switching on to the latest Bollywood remixes.

As the night went on, more and more people from different walks of life were seen enjoying and mingling at the party. A team of Indian journalists including Anupam, assistant editor of Hindustan Times and a journalist of Outlook India were also spotted having a tremendous time in this party. They expressed that they hadn’t expected this kind of a party scene here in Nepal and really seemed impressed. Among the crowd, also seen enjoying the party were current pop singers Kranti Ale of the ‘Chyangba Ho Chyangba’ fame and Kamal Man Singh. At the stroke of midnight, DJ Sickfreak wished everyone ‘Happy Shivaratri’ with the ever-popular track ‘Dum Maro Dum’ bringing back the nostalgia of the hippie era. The party went on till 2 in the morning with around 350 people attending the event. ‘Finlandia Open Your Eyes Second Edition’ was brought together by ‘Finlandia Vodka’, was supported by Carlsberg Beer, Surya Lights and managed by