Anil caught in burka


The people of Chandni Chowk recently had amidst them a guest who was none other that Anil Kapoor. The actor who is known for his competence in acting, deciding to get a first hand knowledge of the Chandni Chowk locality got under cover — literally! The actor decided to visit this locality in a burka. Since he is shooting for his upcoming film Black & White where he portrays the role of a professor who hails from Chandni Chowk, he decided to get down to business from this very locality.

Roaming about in a burka he decided to collect the lifestyle and the nature of the place on a first person basis and started doing his homework. As he was going from one crowded street to another, a local of the area smelled something fishy about this lady in a burka and raised a warning.

As the local raised a warning, Kapoor found himself soon being surrounded by more local people and some policemen too. To avoid more confusion he raised his burka to an obviously shocked and happy crowd. Anil also told them that he was just doing some rese-arch for his film, which was to be shot for their locality, to which the locals happily agreed. They also made Anil their celebrity guest and took him for a tour around the place. — Agencies