Anil Shahi warms hearts


The second concert of the Surya Classic Encounters of September 8 saw the master musician Anil Shahi mesmerise those gathered at the Absolute Bar, Pulchowk.

And yes as has been proved over and over again, though tastes vary, the flavour of the classics remains fresh forever. And in the able hands of a musician of Shahi’s calibre, even the classics are redefined in way that is both pleasing and very, very original.

With his band, Shahi created magic for the selected guests who had gathered for an evening of pure musical bliss. The musical encounter started around 8:00 pm, and before one knew it, it was time to wrap up. The hours just flew.

A Surya Classic (a premium cigarette brand from Surya Nepal) event, the Surya Classic Encounters is an exclusive ‘invitation only’ event managed by PartyNepal. The Classic Encounters is being held at various top-end outlets in Kathmandu and will focus as a build up to the Surya Classic Jazzmandu 2006, to be held from October 12.