Animal stories

Abyssinians are one of the oldest-known breeds of domesticated cats.

The name Abyssinian came from the country, Abyssinia (old name for Ethiopia) where these breeds were originated. Abyssinian cats are also called Abys or Bunny cat. They are elegant, regal-looking colourful cats with long muscular body. These cats have short and shiny hair. They have ticked coat, which means each shaft of hair has bands of colour.

Their eyes are almond-shaped and are green, gold or hazel in colour. The ears are large, alert, and set widely apart. They have a long, arched neck and slim legs with small and oval paws. Their tails are fairly long, broad at the base and tapering to a point.

Abyssinians are extremely loyal, intelligent cats. They will become very attached to their family. They form a lifetime attachment with one person or family and tend to be upset if the relationship is severed.

They will know if you have had a hard day at the office, or tonight is the night to celebrate your promotion. They’ll know if you have suffered a tragedy and will offer silent sympathy and support.

These cats like to be with people and want to be included in all family activities. They are good climbers, and will appreciate a garden full of trees and high places. These cats are not much of a talker, but will still let their owner know exactly what they want.

Coat colour

The coat colour can be red, ruddy, blue (beige with specks of blue/black), or fawn. In some countries, a fifth colour, silver, has been accepted.


They are considered very ‘dog like’ in their ways. They can easily be taught to retrieve small objects, often bringing them back for you to throw again. They are fascinated by water.


They live for about 9-15 years.

Pet grooming

Abyssinian’s coat is easier to care for. The coat should be brushed and combed occasionally. To bring out the shine, it should be polished with damp chamois leather. When moulting, the dead hairs should be removed with a rubber-grooming mitt.