Animal stories

Basset Hounds are lively, independent dogs with a calm nature. The name ‘Basset’ comes from the French word ‘bas’, which means ‘low’.

These dogs are easily recognised by their long ears and droopy eyelids. Their ears are narrow and curved inwards with a

fine and velvety texture. Eyes of these dogs have a calm and serious expression and can be mid-brown to dark depending on their coat colour.

They have a large head and the skin is loose and elastic. Their short, smooth coat comes in many colours with different markings. Their feet are massive well-knuckled up and padded. The tails are well set on and long.

Basset Hounds have a smooth, free action. They have charm and their expressions are intelligent. These dogs are sociable, calm, playful and have a sense of humour. They are friendly towards strangers, but if they sense danger will bark loudly. They must have company, and if they are to be left, it is better to have two Basset Hounds. They are as happy indoors as they are outdoors. Basset Hounds are also very devoted pets.

Average size

Basset Hound weighs about 18-27 kg and is 13-15 inches tall at the shoulders.

Coat colour

They come in wide-range of colours. They can be tri-colour like black, tan and white, bi-colour like lemon and white or red and white.


It could be difficult to train these dogs as they have a mind of their own. One needs lot of patience and consistency to get the dogs trained.

Food requirements

These dogs should

be fed two-three smaller meals a day. Heavy

meals and over feeding may cause obesity and may result to skeletal



They usually have lifespan of 9-15 years.

Pet grooming

Basset Hounds do not have to be groomed regularly. But their ears need to be checked regularly for infection. It should be cleaned once a week. The claws must be kept short and the folds of the skin should be cleaned when necessary. They generally like to paddle through the wet and mud but they clean up easily due to their short close coat.