Around the world in a day

When I read Around the World in 80 Days, I thought it was impossible to travel this big wide world in just 80 days. But I was proved wrong when I got a chance to see the world in just one day. I am not talking about going round the globe but the miraculous place called ‘The Window of the World’.

The Window of the World is in Lou Wu, China. It was the noon of November 6, 2005 when I reached there with my parents. My excitement knew no bounds. As soon as I entered the gate, I saw the Eiffel Tower, just a tad shorter.

We started our tour from the Asia. First we saw the Swayambhunath temple, which was the one and only representation from our country and my heart filled with pride. I also got the opportunity to see the Grand Palace of Thailand, castles and shrines from Japan and loads of pagodas from other South Asian countries. It was all so beautiful and realistic. The next major monument I got to see was the majestic Taj Mahal of India. Since my childhood I have wanted to visit Taj Mahal and when I stood in front of this Taj Mahal, I felt as if half my wishes had come true.

Next we entered Oceania. I did not get enough of the spectacular and famous Sydney Opera House and the Great Ayers Rock. I had always dreamt of travelling to Australia these structures left me speechless.

Then sauntering down the Streets of Europe, we saw stunning castles and churches. There were statues of great rulers like Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great and even statues of Goddess Durga, Gautam Buddha, Nataraja and Manusmriti.

We also saw the Pyramids of Egypt and I just could not take my eyes off them. The Sphinx of Egypt was amazing as it the statue of a creature that is half-woman and half-lion.

In America, I got to see the amazing Niagara Falls. The scene was just dazzling. The entire environment was very moist and misty due the force of the waterfall. We then moved to New York. It was just a small model of the immense city. It had the Twin Towers. The model of the city was surrounded by water and there was a small model a floating ship. I felt like a giant when I saw the White Ho-use. It was half my size. Mount Rushm-oore, a mountain with images of some of the great presidents of the US was constructed so perfectly that it looked like its original.

Finally, I experienced the underwater life through the amazing 4D-movie and ate the most delicious Chinese dinner ever. When everything finally came to an end I couldn’t help singing the song The Best Days of My Life by Bryan Adams as I felt that this very day was the best day I had ever experienced.