Art for others


Painting his thoughts and feelings through colours, artist Juju Kaji Maharjan has well expressed the celebration of life. Using prime colours mostly to express his feeling, Maharjan plays well with bright hues and abstract figures. Horizon merging with the sky and earth, the humble sun shining bright, he has depicted all these with simple strokes.

The exhibition entitled ‘Connection’ on at 1905, Kantipath is a charity art exhibition for the orphans at Bal Mandir and 50 per cent of the proceeds of the sale will for the welfare of the children.

The exhibition is presented by Earthbeat, which is working to bring children and youth closer to nature and culture through arts, music, sports, ancient wisdom and modern technology. Artist Maharjan has tried to bring out his connection with the noble cause in social working through the art done for the under privileged children. — HNS