Art meets environment


On the occasion of International Environment Day on June 5, artist Hem Poudel held his fifth solo exhibition at the Nepal Art Council. The exhibition was inaugurated by Ambassador of Japan, Tsutomu Hiraoka.

Poudel had an interest in art since his childhood and he learnt art from veteran artists like Chandra Man Maskey, Amar Chitrakar and Lain Singh Bangdel.

Speaking at the occasion artist and art critic Mukesh Malla said, “This is a big day for us as Hem Poudel has brought environment and art together. In his art, he also shows his emotions and feelings with nature and birds.”

Along with the exhibition, a collection of poems Andhikholako Samjhana by Ganga Poudel and a memory game card ‘The Himalayan Bird’s Family’ were also launched. Ganga Poudel is back in the literature scene after a long gap of 30 years with her poetry on her memories of childhood at Andhikhola. She has also written on issues of people leaving for employment abroad and need for peace.