Sarangi, a popular traditional Nepali musical instrument, is almost disappearing from our music scene. We hardly see people playing it nowadays which is set aside as a showpiece in the drawing room.

There are very few people left who are master sarangi carvers. However, Purna Nepali is one such master sarangi maker who has been in this profession for the last 15 years. He learnt the art from his father and till date he has carved almost 1,000 sarangis and have sold them to a few patrons who appreciate his art.

His sarangis are works of art with Ganeshas, Buddhas carved out in the sarangis’ bodies.

To help revive this art and make people aware of the traditional musical instrument, Sushil Gautam, decided to hold a small exhibition for Nepali.

“Since this instrument is almost fading away I thought a small exhibition would be welcome by people who can appreciate this art,” says Gautam.

The exhibition at the Arto Muse Creation, Putalisadak that began on June 28 will continue for a week.