Artists join hands for flood-hit

KATHMANDU: The Gurukul premises was brimming with artistic exuberance as senior artists and upcoming ones created artworks for a special cause — for the flood victims. The programme was inaugurated by Gopal Kiranti, Culture Minister and he also

created a painting.

The artists, 65 of them, created 72 works of art.

Organised by Lalitkala Loktantrik Abhiyan along with Gurukul, artists like Shashi Bikram Shah, Uttam Nepali, Hari Prasad Sharma, Kiran Manandhar, Krishna Manandhar, Bijay Thapa, KK

Karmacharya, Ramesh Khanal, Sharada Chitrakar, Uttam Kharel, Shankar

Raj Singh Suwal, Karna Maskey, Infinity Group, Kasthamandap Group and others, sold their paintings at Rs 1,000 each.

All the proceeds from the sale of the paintings will be given to the PM’s fund for the relief of flood victims.

Organiser Kiran Manandhar said, “Whenever a crisis has arisen in the country, we have been trying to help, and as artists we felt the best way to help was to sell our artworks at a cheaper rate.”

He added that similar workshops will be conducted in Pokhara and Dharan in the near future.

Artists were busy putting down their thoughts on canvas and as it was especially for flood victims, one could see the reflection of the floods — the destruction, the pain and sorrow it had brought along — in many of the creations. Many also chose to paint landscapes and some others were creating abstract pieces.

Along with it a charity show of the ongoing play Karnali Dakkhin Bagdo Chha was organised by Kehi Garaun with Gurukul. Suraj Pokhrel, co-ordinator said, “We felt that we needed to do something to help the flood victims, so we decided to give the amount from the ticket sales of this show.” Around Rs 16,1000 was collected.