According to artist Chung-Hsi Han, there are fantastic places of the unexpected, which add on to the mystery of life and these features come from the black source. In his exhibition titled ‘The Black Source’, Han has revealed this very mystifying world that is familiar to the world but are not known to people.

The exhibition being held at the Q-Art Gallery at Naxal was inaugurated on August 8 by eminent artist Kiran Manadhar.

More of an abstract, the objects in his creations are smudged creating an illusionary effect. The colours used are more on the darker shades and is in contrast with the off white background giving prominence to the objects.

For the artist, his creations are about the two different aspects of the natural flow of life — creation and destruction. All the paintings are done on Nepali lokhta paper and this

also has a certain significance to the artist as he believes that the flow of life

is most evident in every aspect of Nepal — philosophy, religion and natural surroundings.

The exhibition is on till August 17. — HNS

Fighting hunger

KATHMANDU: On the occasion of the International Youth Day, Heart Beat, Youth Action Nepal and Child Development Youth Network in association with ActionAid Nepal organised an art workshop at National Association of Fine Art Gallery on August 9.

The exhibition, which is also a part of their hunger-free campaign, was especially organised for underprivileged children. A total of 20 students (10 each) from Prisoner Assistance Nepal and squatter and slum dweller communities took part in the workshop.

In order to give a clear idea about the theme, an orientation and speech on hunger and its various aspects were also conducted for the participating children.

The jury members were Gopal Kala Premi, Saroj Bajracharya and Satya Sila Kasajoo. The winners of the workshop were — Binod Lama (first), Anita Lama (second) and Shubba (third).

The prizes will be distributed on the closing ceremony of the International Youth Day and the paintings will be displayed as a placard at a mass rally on August 12. — HNS