Ash’s not online!

MUMBAI: For those fans who are excited to have Aishwarya Rai Bachchan among their friends list on the many social networking sites that are popular these days, better beware.

The actress isn’t on any of the sites and it’s mostly some impostor taking on her personality. Of course, there are fans worldwide who want to connect with the gorgeous actress. But looks like they will have to wait till Ash finds time to log in. Says Ash, “I was taken aback and at the same time amused that I exist on the social networking sites... when I don’t. That too when the impostor was posting messages like I would be, obviously taking cues from the various interviews I give. That person is aware of my schedules which is also available to the media. When I do get online, I will let everyone know, I owe it to my fans. So the next time you write to me expecting to get a response, you can be sure it’s not me. The social networking sites are a great way to communicate but then it should be done with some kind of authentication.”