Ashes, colours and babas

Kathmandu: Mahashivratri, of course, is upon us. All of us have our own idea about this festival, but no one can deny that the festival’s major attraction is the sadhus or babas who we cannot deny are Mahadev’s ultimate bhaktas (devotees).

Many visit the Pashupatinath temple premises just to get a glimpse of these babas who are an enigma to many of us.

From smearing ash on their body and painting their faces to intricate yoga asanas to their love for the marijuana or Shivbooti, the babas make the Mahashivratri more interesting, more out of this world.

We may not always (or we may never even try to) understand why these babas live the way they do or what do they hope to get out of such a way of living, but we cannot deny that our Shivratri would be a lot(lot, lot, lot) duller if they were not around. The babas are synonymous with the festival, and perhaps almost as indivisible a part of the festival as Mahadev himself.