Audience votes, so Omkara it is!


After a lot of heartburn, confusion and passionate debate, the title of Vishal Bharadwaj’s film based on Shakespeare’s Othello has been decided by a poll. Omkara it is.

When the cast and crew failed to choose an apt title out of three options — Omkara, Issak and O Saathi Re — it was decided it should be finalised by an audience poll. Kumar Mangat, producer of the film, tied up with newspapers, magazines, radio, television and the Net and asked readers and listeners to send their opinion. More than 80 per cent voted for Omkara. “We received 2.5 million votes from all over the world and 80 per cent voted for Omkara.”

Ajay Devgan, who plays the title role, is not so happy. He said: “I wanted Issak. People were a bit confused and that is why we had an audience poll. Now there’s no confusion.”

However, Saif Ali Khan is thrilled with the result and said: “I am very happy, as I was always partial to the title Omkara.” Bipasha Basu, one of the female leads in the film, gave a diplomatic response. “Omkara is the director’s vision and when the director is happy, everyone is happy. Keeping the essence of Othello intact, Omkara is an entertainer with commercial actors, treated realistically in a completely different set-up.”