Here is yet another good news for foodies in the capital. The café at Hyatt Regency has come up with yet another exotic addition to their buffet. Every Wednesdays from April 25 the spread at the buffet will see different varieties of Thai delicacies along with regular continental and Indian dishes.

“Thai food is spicy and goes well with the Nepali palate, its main speciality being maximum use of coconut cream and milk in almost all the dishes,” said the chef Dhruv Bhatta. Apart from lemon grass, Galangal (Thai ginger) and peanuts which are the major ingredients oyster sauce, soya sauce and fish sauce are added to enhance the flavour that’s unique to Thai cuisine. But to add to the authenticity of the cuisine most of the seafoods, not available in the local market are straightaway flown in from Singapore, added Chef Bhatta.

The Thai cuisine consists of a four-course menu, which includes salad, soup, main course and dessert. You could start your meal with the crispy Nam Tok Kai or Som Tam Pak, which is a salad, served only in special occasions on Thailand. Soups are basically vegetarian and great as an appetiser especially prepared of coconut milk or vegetable stock.

For the main course there are varieties you get to choose from, ranging from Kai Phadmed Manng (chicken dish cooked with cashew nuts) to spicy Pah Phad Nammun Hoi (a vegetarian dish of mushroom and broccoli cooked in oyster sauce). And to wrap up the wholesome meal the desserts aren’t less of a delight to choose from, mostly prepared of assorted fruits and pudding.