After a short hiatus, the premiere nightspot of Nepal is back to create a sensation in the entertainment scene. The Galaxy Discotheque at the Everest Hotel re-opened its doors on November 10.

Says Ankit Kocher, resident DJ at the discotheque, “As we are back now, and back with better reasons and plans, the guests can experience the feeling of exclusivity and quality. We have an ambition to provide unseen and unheard entertainment, which will create a premiership of its own.”

The discotheque, for a smashing start has also provided few complimentary memberships to the prominent personalities of Nepal.

Also DJ Ankit plans to keep the party circuit grooving with his electrifying performances. In his own words, he wakes up from the slumber and is all set to unleash brand new sounds and styles.

In the coming weeks, Everest Hotel and The Galaxy Discotheque will be presenting events and entertainments of infinite proportions. From Bollywood celebs to international dancers, famous DJs to sensational singers, the menu is all set to satiate party buffs.