Bagmati fails to impress


Bagmati doesn’t attract you — lack of strong plot line, absence of good acting, not justified revelation of suspense make this Indian director Sunny Kerala’s Nepali directorial venture a nonsense flick. It does not impress you at all.

Ravi (Ravikar Ghimire), a layman is living his own life. A widower, Ravi tries to give all the happiness to his daughter Kanchan (Kanchan Thakuri) who needs heart transplantation. The film’s story is basically about these father and daughter.

But then there is a forceful addition of a sub plot — story of a gangster Rajesh (Rajesh Hamal). You need extreme patience to wait for these two different plots to connect.

As the movie reaches its climax and as the audience wait for revelation of suspense, Bagmati ends — with a note ‘To be continued...’. A sequel is definitely in store, yet a proper ending of a film and a convincing story is what you miss in this film. You wonder whether you are watching a feature film or first episode of a TV series.

A long drive en route to Taudaha-Dakshinkali is boring to watch — it could have been cut short. And you wonder how could one stop for fuel at Dhulikhel while heading to Dakshinkali from Taudaha.

Camera moves too quickly — causing your eyes to pain as you try to catch the camera’s speed.

Unnecessary scenes of gambling, and an unjustified role for Keki Adhikari — without much revelation about her and why she has been kidnapped by gangsters are few other flaws. You are excited with Shiva Shrestha’s entry in the film’s beginning but this doesn’t remain longer as you don’t see him again until the last scene. And there is nothing justified about his character too. There is one song and it is too out of context.

Hamal, though is shown indulged in merciless killings, fails to justify a gangster’s character — both with his acting and

appearance. When he fights with gangsters in Bhaktapur, you remember watching South

Indian movies. But the villains waiting for their turn to get beaten is a typical Nepali movie watching experience.

Ghimire loving and caring his daughter is too superficial. Thakuri too is very unnatural in her role.

An absolute waste of time and money!


Genre: Suspense, Action     

Director: Sunny Kerala

Cast: Rajesh Hamal, Shiva

Shrestha, Keki Adhikari, Ravikar Ghimire, Mukunda Shrestha, Dhruba Koirala, Shreya Karki, Kanchan Thakuri, et cetera

Being screened at QFX cinemas