Baha puja on Jan 14


To preserve and promote the age-old Buddhist culture and practice of preaching sermons at bahas or courtyards in Kathmandu, Lyaymha Dhime Puncha is all set to organise a daylong procession on January 14, which will begin at 5:30 am from Swayambhunath.

“The rally is basically aimed to make people aware of the baha culture. In ancient times, the baha was the place meant for interaction, debates and a place of learning for scholars as well as the common people,” said Deepak Maharjan, a member of management committee that is organising the rally.

Saturday’s baha puja is being held after 25 years and the organisers are expecting 15,000 participants. All are welcome to take part in it. The 12-hour-long procession will visit 131 bahas in Kathmandu.