Barton likes her dressing style

HOLLYWOOD: Mischa revealed that though her personal style is not always well received, she would not stop experimenting. A few years ago people thought I was nuts for wearing headbands and fringing, but things I have been into have kind of become more popular recently,” quoted Mischa, as saying.

"I grew up with pictures of Marianne Faithfull and Anita Pallenberg on my wall, they have always been my style. I am a weird replica of the 70s! But it is cool to see that it is back on trend,” she added.

The stunner also revealed that people in Britain are more accepting of her style, as American people tend to stick to a definite style and find people with different style to be a bit eccentric.

"What is nice about fashion in Britain is that you get to be more eccentric and a bit more yourself. In the States they don''t like it when you look too different,” Mischa said.

She also urged women to not to be shy to experiment with their own style.

"It is about experimenting by mixing and matching to develop your own look. You should try to wear something that embodies your sense of style. I think it is bad to wear head to toe all one look,” Mischa added.