Batra’s Hollywood connection

MUMBAI: With the news being full of Sylvester Stallone and Denise Richards being the first Hollywood stars to act in a Hindi movie, apparently there’s an Indian factor that has brought them to the shores of Bollywood. Word is that none other than actress Pooja Batra who now lives in Los Angeles has made the connection.

Pooja gushed, “Yes, Sajid Nadiawala is the one who thought of the script and role and since I know a lot of people in Hollywood, he approached me. It wasn’t an easy task. Even though there is a lot of awareness of our films here, no one wanted to test the waters. It took a fair amount of persistence and knowledge of the industry here, but I was able to ultimately deliver. Since Sajid, Sly and Denise are all my friends, it was great to bring them together for this project”. Some roots just don’t die especially Indian ones for Pooja.