BBQ ends on hot note


Genghis Khan blew the last bugle on June 29 for the hot Mongolian barbecue at the Splash

Bar and Grill, Radisson Hotel. With a range of mouthwatering dishes cooked on a hot griddle, the feast had a vast menu for both the vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

The cool atmosphere beside the swimming pool the apt ambience for the barbecue that was graced by the Capital’s glitterati like singer Nima Rumba, Miss Nepal 2005 Sugarika KC and Miss Teen Khushbu Oli.

“I’m not a party-freak, but one enjoys these kind of events, where there is a select crowd and amazingly relaxing ambience,” said Rumba enjoying his drink.

An incessant flow of music also kept the people in a good mood, who were with their families and partners.

The Mongolian Barbecue is unique because one can choose ingredients, oils and sauces of one’s own preparation and see the dishes cooked right in front of one’s eyes. Radisson is closing down this food promotion because of the monsoon, but they promise to back with something exciting, bold and hot.