Be yourself guys: Saldana

LONDON: Avatar actress Zoe Saldana has urged her potential boyfriends not to hide their flaws but to treat her well.

The actress hates it when potential boyfriends hide their imperfections from her and would rather they were honest about their flaws.

She said, “Be yourself. If you’re accident prone, allow yourself to be so in front of me. I find that very cute. If you’re very intelligent, don’t hide that either. If you’re an a******, don’t hide it. That said, I like doors to be opened for me, chairs to be pulled out of the table, things like that.”

The actress — who is a trained dancer — also insisted she doesn’t care about a man’s dancing ability, so long as he has fun.

She added to Esquire magazine, “Just be willing to make a fool of yourself. If you don’tknow how to dance, that’s okay. It’s all in the eye of the beholder anyway. As long as you’re dancing with your eyes closed to Abba, I think that’s very cool. In fact, I find that really sexy.”