Beatlemania at Dwarika’s

KATHMANDU: It was an evening of good music, food and company. The perfect ambience at the Dwarika’s pool side Fusion Bar welcomed all. On December 26 corporate honchos, socialites and hard core Beatles fans gathered to cherish and enjoy the classics of the legendary band.

Surya 24 Carat to introduce its limited Rock Edition presented ‘Tribute to Rock’, a two-day event focusing on the birth and growth of Rock-n-Roll movement. Starting from the Rock-n-Roll phase, the first concert was a tribute to The Beatles who brought about a change with their revolutionary music and style.

The gig at Dwarika’s presented by their house band Soundmind playing some of the biggest hits of the band. Starting from 7:00 pm the audience enjoyed the rendition of classics like A hard day’s night, All I’ve got to do, Yesterday, Let it be and Back in the USSR, among others.

The audience comprising people of all ages could not stop themselves from getting on the floor and jigging. It was a delight to watch an elderly couple dancing to the music of their heydays with the same enthusiasm and zeal making the younger crowd leave the floor unable to match their steps.

The audience also got a chance to reminisce about the good old days watching everyone show their very retro moves.