Beauty & the best


As the much awaited beauty pageant, Dabur Vatika Miss Nepal 2005, is just round the corner, the bevy is in full throttle preparing to clinch the much-coveted title. Altogether 20 contestants are participating in the contest who, besides normal choreography lessons, are also participating in guest lectures by prominent personalities in the showbiz industry. The New Era Institute, this time round, has shouldered upon themselves, the imparting of personality development and etiquette lessons to contestants. Sweta Singh is giving her precious lectures in career development, media handling and current affairs. Participants in the bygone week also visited WWF, Balmandir and Pashupati Bridhyashram. “The visit was intended to enhance

their knowledge and their own understanding of social issues,”says Malvika Subba, former Miss Nepal and event manager of Miss Nepal 2005. The yet uncrowned beauties are also having their beauty lessons from Kamala Shrestha, photography lessons from Raj Bhai Suwal and fashion tips from Laxmi Shrestha. Besides, guest lectures from Dipendra Purush Dhakal, lectures by Saphalya Amatya on art and culture, lectures by Ganga Pathak in psychology and aptitude and on communication skills by Robin Sharma are on the cards.