Beauty tips: Know what suits you

Make-up for fair skin:

If you’re fair-skinned, sheer colours look best on you. Apply light earth tones and soft pastels, such as blue and lavender to accent your eyes.

Various shades of pink will look good on your eyes, cheeks and lips. Keep your mascara to brown or brownish black. Light, sheer lipstick adds a finishing touch. Peach is always a good choice for our fair-skinned friends, as it looks natural.

Medium toned skin:

Your warmer completion gives you many options for a fabulous makeover. Being “in-between” does have its benefits. Deep matte earth tones and jewel colours such as hunter green, dark grey, beige and brown will accent your eyes. Coral and plum colours work good to accentuate your cheekbones.

Experiment with your lip colour. Your skin tone is very versatile and if you’re a brunette, anything from pink to red will look great on you. Top it off with lip-gloss for extra staying power.

Bronzing powder dusted over your forehead, nose and cheeks will give you the ultimate sun-kissed look.

Make-up for dark skin:

You may need a heavier hand when applying make-up to dark skin — but you need to choose the right shades. For eye shadow grey, brown and natural shades will compliment your eyes. Also try shimmer colours such as silver, bronze, and terra cotta. Experiment with mascara colours such as navy and dark purple.

For blush, more pigment for darker skin is a must. Deep rose and apricot shades highlight your cheekbones beautifully. Sometimes a bronze highlighter does the trick. Stay away from anything with a strong orange base, as this will not flatter your skin. Dark lip colour such as apricot, blackberry, caramel and red will compliment your lips.

Olive and ethnic skin tones:

With your darker skin tone, neutral shades as well as dark purple and blue will look great on your eyes. Metallic colours also look remarkable, as long as the shades remain darker.

Highlight your cheekbones with bronzing powder, dark plum, chestnut, or terra-cotta blush. Keep the tones natural and avoid anything too light.

Lipstick shades that will bring out your lips are berry, plum, russet, or almond. Avoid “true” reds; they will clash with your skin tone.