Bebo, world’s biggest star: Saif

MUMBAI: Saif Ali Khan is in a zen state.Personally, he is dating the most powerful and gorgeous girl in Bollywood; and professionally, well, he’s calling the shots too.

“I haven’t noticed whether other girls have stopped looking at me because I’m dating the best girl in town,’’ he says. “A lot depends on the vibe you give off. I hear unavailable men are more interesting to interesting women. That be as it may, I’m not particularly interested in a stranger of any sort right now.’’

Saif’s reason for setting up a production house is simple. He wants to make the films he believes in. “Everyone has their own home productions and no one is going to cast you in their films unless they can’t do it themselves,’’ he says.

He points out that the biggest filmmakers in the country — Aditya Chopra, Karan Johar , Sanjay Leela Bhansali would ideally pitch for Shah Rukh Khan , Aamir Khan and Hrithik Roshan first. “If things don’t work out with these guys, then perhaps they’d come to me,’’ he says very matter-of-fact. “However, with setting up my own production house, I can make the films I wish to and give myself the parts I want to play. No other producer can give me the parental love that my own production can.’’

His maiden venture releases today and within a couple of months, he’s all set to get into Sriram Raghavan’s Agent Vinod, a spy-action-high-on-adrenaline-thriller with lady love Kareena Kapoor playing his screen muse. “Film production is an exciting job,’’ he confesses. “Balancing that in itself, apart from real life in terms of family and getting things done on time, has been challenging.’’

Personally too, he confesses to being blissful: “Life is a growing and changing process. I came into the world of interviews when I was 20 at a room in a Mumbai studio. In 19 years, I have grown, and the last two years have been very eventful. Personally and professionally I find myself in the right place. The rest of my life lies ahead of me but I feel confident and equipped to deal with most situations.’’

And the mention of sunshine (Kareena) brings a smile to his face.

“Everything is beautiful right now,’’ he says. “Kareena and I are on a path, let us enjoy that. For me, priority right now is to set up this production house, and I want Madam to stay the biggest star in the world for as long as she enjoys it. Everything else will follow in due course.’’