Beed’s Bytes in stores

KATHMANDU: Sujeev Shakya’s book Beed Bytes was launched

on August 6 by Prabhakar SJB Rana, Chairman Emeritus of Soaltee Hotel, and Kunda Dixit, editor of the Nepali Times.

Beed Bytes is a compilation of Shakya’s articles that have appeared in Nepali Times’ fortnightly column ‘Economic Sense’. Shakya, who is a corporate executive, has been writing the column under the pseudonym Artha Beed. The book has been published by Fine Print.

Many corporate honchos had turned up for the launch at the DECC, UWTC.

Speaking about the book and writer, Dixit said, “He has always been punctual, regular, reliable and original. He has a rare insight of looking at things in the Nepali way. Here where business is closely tied with politics, he has presented the economic view of situation, and even today his every piece looks fresh though the situation has not changed and we face the similar problems every week.”

Rana shared his admiration for the writer and his column adding he has been Shakya’s fan for long time.

Shakya promised to continue writing, questioning and giving his view on different existing issues.