It has become a fashion to say “I prefer Chinese” when it comes to food. And for the lovers of Chinese food, this is one event you would rather not miss. For the burger fans, it will be a whole new experience. And those with the sweet tooth can nibble on delightful chocolate cheese cake the American way.

So, let’s eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we may diet!

It is no exaggeration to say that Chinese cuisine is dainty in its food items, aesthetic and very popular. Rice and Bowl is all set to tantalise your taste buds with Chinese yum-yums.

“We did not get the opportunity to participate in the festival last year, but the response was amazing the year before. This year too we are expecting a huge crowd,” says owner Narendra Lal Shrestha.

“We have changed our menu for the festival a bit. Our concept is to provide a full meal, so we have combination foods like fried rice with pepper chicken. When we say combination-fried rice, it includes noodles. We have added a lot of vegetables. This goes very well with pepper chicken. Therefore this set become a complete meal in itself,” says Shrestha.

They have combination-fried rice with mixed veg Manchurian for veggies, and for those who want to eat light they have chicken steamed dumplings with hot chilli potatoes.

On your plate

• Combination fried rice with pepper chicken: Rs 140

• Combination fried rice with mixed veg manchurian: Rs 125

• Chicken dumpling with hot chilli potato: Rs 100

American cuisine characterises the broad diversity of foods, driven by the tendency of the country as a whole to integrate widely divergent ingredients and styles of cooking.

Cuisine differs from region to region and are influenced by innovation and centuries of immigration. KC restaurant and Bambooze Bar will be bringing the best of American fare at food fest. “The restaurant is 31 years old and we still boast the best sizzler steaks, pumpkin pie, green salad and chocolate cheese cakes in town.

As steak is the staple diet and represent the American style of food, we will be presenting pepper and chicken steak at the food festival. Served with baked potatoes and vegetables this will be a complete meal in itself,” says owner Mukesh Chhetri.

And burgers — vegetable and chicken — for those who want to take a big bite. “American Burger will be topped with cheese, and chips will accompany the vegetable burger. We have chicken nuggets with chips and hot dog also,” adds Chhetri.

For dessert, one can look forward to “chocolate cheese cake”. They have Jim Bean Cola and Jack Daniel Cola to go along with the food.

On your plate

• Steak (Pepper/Chicken): Rs 170

• American Burger topped with Cheese: Rs 95

• Vegetarian Burger with Chips: Rs 80

• Chicken Nuggets with Chips: Rs 105

• Hot Dog: Rs 95

• Pumkin Pie: Rs 130

• Chocolate cheesecake: Rs 75

• Baskin Robins: Rs 75

• Jim Bean Cola (60ml): Rs 190

• Jack Daniel Cola (60ml): Rs 190