Best in a while!


Venue: Hotel Yak and Yeti. Time: 10:30 pm.

Crowd: 1,600.

Rocking, enthralling and sensational would underestimate the kind of magic ‘Splash’ cast over party fanatics of the nation on Friday night. VJ Sarah absolutely mesmerised the crowd with her drop-dead gorgeous looks and eloquence onstage. And then there was the awesome choice of music played by DJ Senial P. The party that started at around 8 pm had crowds pouring in with the zeal and excitement to see VJ Sarah and dance to the amazing tunes of DJ Senial P like never before. Just a warm welcome note by VJ Sarah, ‘Namaste Kathmandu,’ was enough to make the crowd go ballistic. And then the performances followed. VJ Sarah went rapping, singing and dancing alongwith the hip and happening tracks played by the DJ. To give more boost to the party and make it more interactive, she gave away prizes to ‘the female with the shortest skirt,’ ‘guy with the longest hair,’ ‘best female dancer’ and ‘best dancing male.’ And yes, one cannot do without mentioning the overenthusiastic crowd, who were all dressed to kill and had done their dancing lessons well before coming to the show.

DJ Sick Freak followed Senial Ps exclusive mixes, ranging from hip hop to Nepali tracks mixed with Bhangra beats and incredibly mixed rock and roll numbers. Some of the best Bollywood remixes like “Kajra Re,” “Woh Lamhe” and “Bheege Honth” were also played.

Another track that made quite an impact was the remixed version of the legendary number by The Doors “Roadhouse Blues” and “I want to break free” by Queen. The venue was jam-packed with people from all kinds of backgrounds and professions. Age was no bar, and one could see people of all ages - the celebrities, the top-notch honchos, the beauty queens and also the regular partygoing mob - having the same amount of fun. The party had the panache and style that could very well match the standards of any high profile party at any corner of the world. Kudos to the organisers for bringing together such a terrific show!