Best papas

We love them immensely. And many times we hate them too. But then our fathers’ arms are the ones we turn to when we need shelter from life’s harsh winds. So often we’ve wished that our fathers were like the ones we see on screen or on stage. Some famous names share

with THT their views about their co-stars’/band mate’s role as a father.

Maha papas

They need no introduction. The Maha Jodi is synonymous with comedy with a social message.

Madan Krishna Shrestha and Haribansha Acharya rate each other on the ‘fatherly’ scale.

Acharya on Shrestha

He is very serious about his role as a father. He worries a lot about his children and their future, but by God’s grace, he has very good children who never give him trouble.

He has set a very good example for them as he does not have any bad habits and is very disciplined. This is one habit that I like the most about him. When your children see you so disciplined, they tend to look up to you and follow your footsteps.

The way he has balanced his act as a friend and as a guardian with his children is commendable, and I have been influenced by his way of parenting and look up to him.

Score: 10/10

A father is: In our time, children usually feared their father and they used to get so scared that some even hid under the bed when their father entered the room. But the time of ‘dictator’ father is over. Now instead of getting scared, children wait for their father to come home. Fathers should be that way — both a friend and a guardian when needed.

Children have so many things going on in their life and if parents are understanding and open, it will be easier for the children to come up and talk to them instead of doing something wrong. This way children will get to learn and grow in the family.

Shrestha on Acharya

Haribansa can be my son, friend, brother, business partner and sometimes even my guardian,

and he excels in every role. And as a father, he is even better.

Every father cares for their children, and he is no different. He cares about his sons a lot and is very worried about their studies. He gives first priority to work while at the same time he is a very responsible father. He has done what he can to give a good life to his children, and there is no question about the good way in which he has looked after their upbringing.

Score: 9/10

A father is: Of course all fathers should be a good guardian and provide the basic facilities for his children, but most importantly a father should focus on their studies and continue encouraging them.

Musical encore

They are part of the nation’s most successful and popular bands 1974 AD. Sanjay Shrestha and Adrian Pradhan believe the other to be the best papa.

Sanjay on Adrian

He has lots of patience and that is the most important quality a father should have. He is very calm when he deals with his son. He carries out his duty as a father with lots of enthusiasm and passion. He is very responsible. He picks up his son from school, and sometimes even brings him to work. He is not only involved with the child but also tries to get him involved in his work and music. He has taught his son to respect music and people. They are more like friends.

Ever since I have known him, he has always been very responsible. He gives time to his family and always keeps his promise. His family has always been his top priority, and when we travel if he sees things, he buys them for his son.

Score: 9/10

A father is: As a father all you can do is keep your child happy. I believe happiness is all that matters.

Adrian on Sanjay

His role as a father began recently — his daughter is just six months old. He is a very caring and loving father whom I have found to be always playing with his daughter.

He usually brings his daughter to various gigs and programmes and I like the way he has involved her with every happening in his life.

As for the changes I have noticed in him, well after you become a father changes are natural and he has changed a lot.

Earlier we used to jam up till late, stay out late after programmes, but now with a daughter waiting, he goes home early.

And he talks about his daughter...

Scores: 10/10

A father is: Well every father should be responsible, affectionate, provide protection and security, and there are so many more.

Sweet truth

They are the most

loveable pair on small screen today. Unlike Teeto Satya, Deepa Shree Niraula shares some sweet facts about co-star Deepak Raj Giree as a father

He is very dedicated towards his family, and is always thinking about the well being of his children. He feels that it is not enough for them to just have educational degrees, but that they should be capable in all fields in this day and age.

He feels that this children should never face any difficulties because of him. I admire the fact that he is always calm and composed and never loses his temper. He is also very caring

and takes his responsibility seriously.

Score: 10/10

Giree’s words: My youngest son was not ready to stay in a hostel. So when I dropped him off, I told him how nice everything was and that even I would have liked to stay there. He told me, ‘Then you stay here and I’ll go back home.’

After becoming a father, I felt my responsibilities increasing, and a feeling that I was handing my children all the childishness in me. There is this overwhelming sense of love I feel towards them. Being the father of such capable children has taught me to be even more dedicated and hardworking. And I feel proud that it is through them that mero pusta hastantaran huncha.

Previously, I used to spend (money) carelessly, but now I think, ‘What will my children do if I do not take my responsibilities seriously?’ A kind of insecurity has cropped up, but I guess it’s for the good.