LONDON: Halo singer Beyonce Knowles keeps detailed mental notes of every meal she eats while on tour so she can order the same dish the next time she visits.

The 28-year-old star revealed, “I love ordering room service in hotels. I know the menu of certain hotel chains by heart, so whenever I arrive in a particular city I look forward to this sandwich, or that salad.”

But when it comes to cooking her own meals, Beyonce — who is married to rapper Jay-Z — admits her lack of ability is embarrassing.

Thankfully, she has enough money to pay professionals to prepare her food. She said, “I’m a disaster in the kitchen! You know what my secret is for preparing the perfect meal for friends when I invite them over? It’s ordering from the best restaurants and having the food delivered.”

“I’m not into too many indulgences, but if there’s one benefit of success that I enjoy, it’s being able to order incredible dishes!”