Big B not going bald for Shantaram


Amitabh Bachchan rubbishes rumours he is going to shave his head for his first international film Shantaram to be directed by US-based Indian director Mira Nair.

The Big B said, “This is completely untrue! I’ve no knowledge of any such requirement for Mira’s film, nor have I spoken to anyone about it. When I heard about this I spoke to Mira and she rubbished it. She told me she hasn’t even envisaged me as bald for Shantaram, let alone share it with the media which is so busy imagining me bald through morphed pictures on the net. But sorry I’m not obliging.”

Based on Gregory David Roberts Shantaram, the film is being co-produced by Johnny Depp, who plays a key role in it. The closest Amitabh has come to facial innovation is the trimmed beard in Khakee and the hip ponytail for the chef’s part in Cheeni Kum.

“That’s as far as I go. My face is ugly enough. I can’t do anything to improve it. Nothing can save it.”