Bipasha, Mugdha are not talking

MUMBAI: Producer Kumar Mangat’s claim that the shoot of All the Best, in Goa went off smoothly, is far from the truth. There was visible tension on the sets between the two leading ladies — Bipasha Basu and Mugdha Godse.

The story goes that Bipasha and Mugdha were constantly insecure about the length of footage being given to the other in a song. Suddenly, Bipasha felt that Mugdha couldn’t dance and began teaching the newcomer a few steps.

“Problems between the two actresses escalated during the second song, which also has them sharing screen space. They refused to speak to each other even when it was absolutely necessary and director Rohit Shetty and choreographer Bosco Caesar found it quite difficult to handle the situation,” said a source from the unit.

The animosity eventually reached a point where the two actresses flatly refused to shoot together. Mugdha initially refused to talk about the issue. On being probed further she said, “Bipasha and I were cordial with each other.”

Bipasha refuted the news and said, “Ridiculous, everybody was together and having fun while shooting. There were no cold vibes between anybody.”

Rohit Shetty had the last word, “In the 40 days we shot, some people became friends some didn’t.”