Bips allergic to everything


Right now, Bipasha’s intimate scene with Saif Ali Khan in Race is making news. Bipasha Basu said, for her personally, the scene was anything but passionate.

“I only did it because it kind of went with the script. I am someone who is allergic to everything and I had to do this passionate love scene in a hay stack! By the time we finished, my body was full of rash, my eyes were red and watery. I don’t really have great memories of that love scene.”

Wasn’t it the chemistry between the two on-screen that led to rumours about their romance off screen? “To think that even in this day and age, if you talk to your male co-star for longer than perhaps you normally would, it is misconstrued as an affair is sad. I hope these things change. Thankfully, those rumours have died their natural death,” she said.

Recently, Bipasha was in Kolkata shooting for Rituparno Ghosh’s film and her relatives there turned up on the sets, as they had never watched a shoot. “It was fun. My relatives were so excited about the proceedings,” she said. Her gorgeous new haircut is quite exciting too. She said, “Probably because I have been a model I have this urge to re-invent myself all the time. I hate looking the same.”