Biratnagar beauties

Kathmandu :

We’ve met all the beautiful ladies from Kathmandu. Now its turn to meet the belles from Biratnagar. Five of them have made it to the top 20 of the Lux Supermodel Hunt which will be held in Kathmandu on September 22. The winner will get a cash prize of Rs 50,000, while the second and third runners-up will get Rs 25,000 and Rs 15,000 each.

Chandani Sharma is 5’5” and her favourite moment is when she was selected as one of the finalists for the Lux Supermodel Hunt, which she thinks has brought forward new models into the limelight.

Her dream is to become a good and responsible citizen and to do some things for the women.

Chandani loves Biratnagar, the colour black, daal-bhat, and ‘cows’, and she doesn’t like cats.

If she becomes the Lux Supermodel, Chandani says this will be her first “real victory”. “I will work towards the betterment of the modelling sector,” says Chandani, who will save the cash award for her education.

“Apart from physical beauty and an attractive personality, a supermodel should have a good character and heart,” says Chandani underlining her supermodel formula, and adds, “She should at least be an SLC graduate.”

Her favourite model is Malvika Subba.

Elina Paudel is 5’6” and is a BBS student, who loves rabbits but not cats.

For her modelling symbolises one’s growth, beauty and self-confidence. And she chose this field as she feels that she has all these qualities.

Elina loves Newari food and the colours black and white.

Her thoughts on being crowned the Lux Supermodel runs like this: “It means that Lux is giving me something, and in return I should give Lux my best.”

Rinku Adhikari loves cats and dogs, but pigs, and she feels Lux Supermodel Hunt is one of the best platforms to enter the modelling sector. She is aiming at becoming one of the most successful models Nepal has ever seen.

Her favourite colours are black, white and red and this 5’6” lass rates Pokhara as her favourite place.

If she should win the hunt and win the cash prize of Rs 50,000, Rinku says she will keep it for her further studies.

In her opinion, the prerequisites to become a supermodel are one should be educated, should have a good figure and a dazzling, coupled with the proper mindset and confidence to do each task with integrity.