Blaine starts underwater stunt


Illusionist David Blaine on May 1 started his latest stunt — living in a water-filled tank for a week before attempting the world record for holding his breath.

The 33-year-old American lowered himself into an eight-foot high water-filled acrylic sphere in the plaza of the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, where he will remain submerged for seven days.

“My only fear is the unknown,” said Blaine. A mask and air line will keep Blaine alive, while food will be provided in the form of liquid nutrition through a tube.

He said that after the week is up, he would come out and be handcuffed, wrapped in 68 kg of metal chains and dropped back inside the sphere. Blaine aims to hold his breath for about nine minutes, while escaping from the chains. The current world record for a human holding his breath is eight minutes and 58 seconds.