Blaine to turn Batman


Endurance artiste and magician David Blaine plans to shock audience in September by hanging over New York’s Central Park like a bat.

The “batman” stunt will feature Blaine hanging upside down for three days and two nights in a performance called David Blaine: Dive of Death, E! Online reported on August 22.

The end of the endurance event will be broadcast in a two-hour television special on September 22.

Blaine plans not to eat during the stunt and will sleep upside down.

In April, the 35-year-old broke a world record by holding his breath underwater for 17 minutes and 4.4 seconds. His past stunts also include being buried alive for seven days and being frozen for 60 hours in a block of ice.

In 2003, he went 44 days without food while living in a glass cube in London.

He lost 30 kgs and had to be hospitalised. — DPA