Bogati’s Result


Babu Bogati’s second album Result is a compilation of nine new tracks and two bonus tracks. After the huge success of the song Sannani in his first album, Bogati has brought back the same flavour of folk in the first song of his new album. The first track Jamuna has that mischief in its melody and lyrics that it promises to be one of the charbusters of this year. The video of the song has already become very popular among viewers.

Bogati has tried to bring variety to his songs by presenting different genres of music from dance to romantic to tragic. Though he has been successful in showing his versatility, he fails in creating the magic of Jamuna in other numbers. Hirdaya ko and Ma sanga sound like songs from Hindi films, while Aaja achanak and Timro lagi show some promise. But the track Jamuna and Sannani and Feri tyo din (as bonus tracks) make the album worth buying.